Family Movies 2020 - you can watch on your home screens

Family Movies 2020 – you can watch on your home screens


The Telugu movie industry has seen some interesting movies roll out in the year 2020 and 2021. Many notable productions were a result of extreme coordination and dedicated efforts between the cast and technical crew. While many people stayed at home during the lockdown, the movie industry ensured that they didn’t cease enthralling the audience with stellar production quality. Instead of going to theaters, they got the opportunity to view movies online. Out of the different movie industries in India, the Telugu movies industry is perhaps the most vibrant of the lot. Its attention to detail, mind-blowing performances, and strong behind -the -scenes production values go a long way in keeping the viewers hooked till the end. Movies like BuchinaiduKandriga are based on novel topics that don’t appear stale. The freshness of the theme and the unique approach to the concept means that people have a lot to look forward to even after watching so many movies over the years on various concepts. There are many more online movies on aha app.

BuchinaiduKandriga – A visual treat

If you miss the lush greenery and the simple living of village life, then this movie will amaze you. It is a slow-paced movie laced with all types of human emotions intertwined within its narrative. The plot of the movie is how love blooms between two people and how they face adversities in life to take their love story ahead. The name of the movie comes from a Chittoor village of the same name. It encapsulates the story of timeless love between two people Balu (Munna) and the innocent Swapna (played by DrishikaChander).

The music is composed by Maahiramsh and people have loved the soothing tones of the compositions. It may very well be the highlight of the film. Director Krishna tries his best to keep the audience captivated with the proceedings. But the story looks a bit slow and seems to take its own time to reach the point of climax. Smart editing could’ve reduced the movie’s length and made it a more engrossing watch. However, there is a special mention for the twist at the end. The movie climax leads to a satisfying ending for the moviegoers. These last few minutes of the film truly capture the intensity of the lead pair’s performances and make for a great way to end the movie on a high.

To sign off

Watching movies online has become very easy thanks to OTT platforms like Aha. They have an assortment of shows and movies with unique plots. The high production value attached to every series and movie makes Aha the must-have OTT platform for every young mind who loves watching the drama unfold on the small screen. As the measures of social distancing continue, it makes complete sense to go with Aha. With this step, you can keep yourself entertained even without the opportunity to socialize or step out of the house. Go ahead, get your subscription to Aha and see the world of Latest Telugu movies and magic come alive, in your living room.