Make Your Home Appeal to Real Estate Investors

Home Improvement

The process of selling your home is already confusing, but what if you want to unload it quickly onto a real estate investor who can make it better and “flip” it? These are the top ten features that a real estate investor will look at.

  1. Where is It?

A real estate investor will look at the neighborhood in which your home is in. The crime rate, the proximity to schools and places of work, and recreational areas are all important. They are looking for a home to be an investment. A desirable neighborhood will make your home stand out.

  1. Does it Have Good Bones?

Many investors will use the BRRRR strategy to make an investment work for them. The structural integrity of your home can make the “rehab” part of this method much easier and show better results. You want to show off how well your home can cater to each step of the BRRRR method.

  1. What Is the Kitchen Like?

For many homes, the kitchen is the heart of living. It is the “hearth.” Many investors will choose to remodel, but you want to ensure that you have all the necessary features to accommodate all of the modern appliances that families rely on.

  1. How Is the Storage?

Investors are looking for features that can make the lives of their clients easier. Many people are looking for a living area with a lot of storage. They can install extra storage, or add furniture that can organize belongings, but many want a home that already has a good amount of storage. Think about installing storage that is built-in to the other features of your home so people can stow belongings away. They can be hidden areas that are still in plain sight.

  1. What Are the Windows Like?

The windows in your home will appeal to investors who are looking either for a room that promotes privacy or one that gets a lot of natural light. Similarly, they will inspect the location of electrical outlets and the types of lighting fixtures that are already in your home. They can add many lighting features to your home later. However, they will want your home to have plenty of options for them.

  1. Is the Home Safe and Sound?

Many of these other features are like icing on a cake. They can make the home look nice, but they are not as important as the structural integrity of it. Stay on top of all the things like the plumbing system and the electrical system. Make sure to have regular inspections done by a professional to nip issues in the bud before they can become more serious.

  1. Is the Floor Plan Accommodating?

The floor plan of your home is one of the most important aspects of it. It should have enough bedrooms and bathrooms to appeal to a lot of people. It should also be flexible enough to install a home office or any other space that a person will need. Your home should appeal to investors looking to make any changes, big or small.

  1. What About the Site?

The site of your property is just as important as the structure itself. Make sure that access to the property is safe. To safeguard privacy, make sure that the neighbor’s windows do not look directly into your home or show how easy some window treatments can obscure the view.

  1. Are There Any Large Cracks?

Many real estate investors will look for large cracks in both exterior and interior walls. These can point to much more serious problems in your foundation. Have any cracks inspected by a professional and make a plan of action to fix them. This can be expensive for a new owner, so they are looking for them to be fixed.

  1. How Are the Gutters?

These may seem like a mundane feature to your home. However, your gutters are integral to keep in good repair. Keep them free of debris and make sure they are not rusted. Problems with your gutters can cause larger, more costly issues to your home.