Note the Dos and Don’ts Related to Choosing Dining Room Lights

Note the Dos and Don’ts Related to Choosing Dining Room Lights


Gone are the days when adding the lighting source in the room wasn’t given much thought as there was limited kind of light fixtures available in the market. These days, light plays a great role in boosting the ambience of the place as well as provide the required brightness for adequate visual clearance. 

In earlier days, in many rooms of the home only few candles or single bulb was used to diminish the darkness. Similarly, few candles were illuminated in the dining room to wade away the gloomy scenario. However, times have changed paving way to light up dining rooms to provide apt light effect to keep the most happening room of the house look the best. 

Today, there are quite a lot of light fixtures available in both online and offline shops. The main attraction since decades is the crystal chandelier. Sofary, one of the most popular shop globally has sold chandeliers like hot cakes for their many additional features compared to the rest of the light fixtures. Buyers do prefer to visit well renowned shop online website,

The website provides you all the detail about the recent trendy designs in chandeliers like the rectangular crystal chandelier for your dining room. Once you view the awesome chandeliers and other light fixtures on display, then surely you will strive to own the stunning sustainable  dazzling light providing elements to illuminate and nicely décor your dining room.

Here are few dos and don’ts you need to consider while opting for dining room lights: 

  • Dos:
    • You can try varied light fixtures to provide the desired ambience. There are pendants, chandeliers, small LED lights to choose the best to install in dining room. Even LED lights and multiple small crystal chandeliers is apt combination to enhance the décor of the room where you dine and do other activities. 
    • The pendants and chandeliers need to be mounted little high above the dining table for the light rays to reach all around the table. 
    • You can even light up the art work and cutlery shelves of your dining room. Illuminating the hanging art work canvas by fixing eco friendly covers over halogen incandescent light those consume lesser energy. Small LED bulbs need to be fixed inside the shelves to highlight the décor and for easier handling of the cutlery pieces placed in the shelves. 
  • Don’ts: 
    • Now, one single chandelier or pendent lights aren’t in fashion. Moreover, they don’t provide enough light to every corner of large dining rooms.  You can choose some pendants to be hanged from the corner of the ceiling of the room and a single rectangular chandelier having dozens of small lights that are quite sufficient to dazzle the whole dining space. 
    • You can’t just install light fixtures without measuring the dimensions of the dining room. Only having lights in the corner too high from the floor won’t provide the elegance and the necessary illumination. Moreover, quite big a chandelier would dwarf the room thus unsuitable to be installed in small dining room or in a room having low ceiling. 

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