What you need to know about Xtrade?

What you need to know about Xtrade?


Basically, the Xtrade is an offshore foreign exchange broker that provides both CFD and foreign exchange trading services. This company has extra offices in various places such as Australia, Israel and Cyprus. When it comes to knowing about this trading platform, the website of Xtrade is specifically made with the state of art graphics and also well optimized to suit their worldwide client base as well as ease the most doubting individual of their legality. They also utilize their own proprietary trading platform that applicable as a mobile app and web application for both Apple and android devices.

The Xtrade Australia has been flagged by the British Columbia Securities Commission, i.e. BCSC. This Xtrade web trader platform usually provides a rich set of trading tools and features to guarantee boost trading experience. This web trading platform is simply accessing the best market examination available and specifically processes the orders and traders as well. In order to access this online trading platform, there is no download needed. If you want to trade with this platform, first of all, you have to register with this and then move forward.

Is Xtrade regulated in Australia?

When you trade with Xtrade, you have to be aware of the different entities beneath Xtrade brand; because it provides different trading tools due to regulatory limitations. These trading tools provided might vary based on the country of client’s residence. You can even trade a vast range of tools with Xtrade more than fifty tools in reality. Actually, the Xtrade Australia is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. This means that the Australian Citizens are provided a specific level of protection while trading with them. If you are a customer of Xtrade, you are specific that you have been treated in a way, which is greatly doubtful and also you are likely being scammed.